We design and create unique Spas, which ensure a true wellness experience.

Careful planning, excellent preparation, high quality training. These are the three key pillars we are counting on in creating and operating a successful Spa and Wellness Center. Whether you are thinking of creating your own space, or refreshing and enriching your services with new beauty suggestions, at IDOLO Consulting Beauty & Spa you will find the trustworthy partner you are looking for in achieving the best and most quality result.

We see every project we undertake as "our child". A new creation that has all our attention, from the first steps of planning and designing to the implementation and perfect operation of your wellness center.

See our services below.

It all starts with an idea. An idea that focuses on the requirements of your space and the total satisfaction of your guest. Our consultants, based on your needs, focus on every detail to create the right spa concept that fits perfectly with the philosophy of the owners.

The spa sector combines the rigor required by parameters such as correct structure and operation with the imagination required to set up a design and concept appropriate to each unit or hotel. And our team does it by incorporating brain hemisphere logic (left-rational # right-creative) into its operation. So, all of us at IDOLO manage to think both as businessmen and as visitors.
The design of a wellness center has many secrets that have to do with its operation. Details such as guests’ movement and separation of dressed and dry people from those who are already using the facilities, different humidity and temperature levels in each room, inclinations and flooring materials, and much more.

IDOLO's expert spa designers in collaboration with the architects and engineers of each project design and propose up-to-date spacing and interior design solutions that work. Each space is carefully designed taking into account, in addition to the aesthetics, future needs in the day-to-day operation of the center. Our team of engineers create detailed construction plans, choosing the right equipment for a spa with atmosphere and functionality.
Each jobsite has different conditions and needs to be met before installing the equipment. IDOLO's project managers oversee every detail in the construction phase by accurately measuring electrical and hydraulic requirements and taking into account every detail according to engineering plans.

IDOLO's technical crew installs the equipment safely by making the necessary connections and operating checks. Our project managers oversee the construction by coordinating the technical crew and ensuring that timetable is met.

SpaSystem is the proper method for using spa equipment with maximum enjoyment and benefits.

Based on scientific research, Starpool, has created five wellness paths, making what was lacking in the spa a reality. As Riccardo Turri, the CEO of Starpool says: "We wanted to offer a new method of use in the spa to achieve the well-being of every person." Many people go to the spa, not just to feel good, but to relax, rejuvenate, have fun or detox. Apart from a strong competitive advantage, SpaSystem simplifies spa management and promotion while clients feel guided and secure through an effective and well-structured organization.

In Practice:
- Our team will create a series of personalized routes (min 2 - max 5) based on each project, spa equipment and treatments offered in the spa menu.
- Each route will have its own instructions delivered to the customer and used during the journey.
- Spa staff will be trained on site to optimize SpaSystem operation and equipment.
Maintenance – After sales
The development of a spa needs to rely on a well-organised group of people, even in the post-installation phase. From equipment installation to after-sales service, we support our customers with a network of trained technicians and professionals.

SpaAssistance also offers the customized Global Insurance Wellness package, which allows an extended warranty of 1 to 3 years, using scheduled spa maintenance services. Through Global packages, IDOLO customers benefit from a service that is a powerful asset in terms of security and ease of maintenance.

In practice:

Global Insurance Wellness allows you to extend your warranty from 12 to 36 months, provides nationwide priority intervention within 48 hours, includes two general inspection visits per year, provides free telephone support, diagnostics and repair remotely if possible, and training of the customer's technical staff.
Training Academy
A true academy for wellness professionals. Spa training is a service that offers theoretical and practical training in real-life operating conditions structured in personalized programs. An experienced team guides and advises on the organization, management of the spa and proper equipment usage.

Our values are based on knowledge, innovation and education. We develop the most sophisticated solutions and continually share our evolving knowledge in order to equip our partners in providing the best possible services and advices to their clients.

Focusing on the research and development of the world of wellness, our partners are next to you with innovative treatments and products with real and visible results.

Spa Marketing is a service that offers useful promotional and training tools for your business to attract customers and increase your profitability.

Spas and beauty salons that work with us enjoy high revenue from treatments and retail sales with higher averages than the industry.

Our services include, branding, design of spa menus, promotions and brochures, event planning, posters and promotional supplies, staff training for spa promotion and retail sales, etc.
Operation & Management
IDOLO offers spa management services in two different forms, rent or management. These services include:

FLEASIBILITY STUDY - Market research and project sustainability | Budget | 3year financial forecasts | KPIs

COMPLETE SPA CONCEPT - Space design | Creation of service menu

PRE-OPENING SERVICES - Project timetable/Critical Path | Personnel recruitment & training | Supply of consumables and cosmetics | Spa software

POST-OPENING SERVICES - Marketing plan | Operational supervision | Staff evaluation | Mystery guests
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